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Line-Editing, Grammar-Pouncing, and Spell-Checking, Oh My!

A very common approach when we are giving critiques, especially when we only have a few pages to review, is to line-edit, or grammar-check, or even spell-check—homonyms, for example, are such pesky beasts. This focus on the nitty-gritty makes sense to me. When faced with a snippet of a larger work, and perhaps not even knowing where the writer is in the process of creating the novel, we critiquers do not have much big picture data to go on. So

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Block So You Can Tackle

It is likely unwise of me to title a blog post with a sports metaphor (due to a severe case of sport illiteracy-itis), but I am living on the edge tonight. Here we go . . . Let’s say you just went to your critique group. The feedback for what might be made stronger in your manuscript was delivered in a conscientious and kind way. You are grateful. Seriously. You really are grateful that your fellow writers

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