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Why Context Matters When Receiving Critiques

I was thinking about critiques the other day, as being the Critique MD I am wont to do, and in particular was pondering what can trip up critique receivers. One point that kept niggling at me was how often I see writers not considering context when prepping for the critique receiving experience. As if a critique is a critique is a critique. Though more precisely, what I see are writers not prepping themselves at all for critique receiving as if

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Creating Your CRTM (Critique Receiving Toward Mantra)

The mantra of mantras in receiving critiques is Don’t take it personally. That is an away mantra. It’s telling us what we are supposed to not do and gives us squat about what we are supposed to do. Which leaves us in a bit of quandary on how to improve our critique receiving mojo—how can we practice and improve if we don’t know where we are supposed to be headed? We need a toward mantra.

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Critiquing in the Time of Corona: The Habitat Has Changed

In dog training, one of the variables you pay attention to when progressing a skill is Habitat*, or environment. If you are training Sit, Fido may be able to perfectly execute a sit in the quiet of your own home, but if you even just add a bit of beef off to the side, it will likely increase latency (Fido will sit more slowly) or increase failure (Fido will dive for the beef, no sit to be had.) And, if

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