Our Kindness Code

The Critique MD has enabled comments to create a forum for readers to have fun, robust, intellectually-diverse, but mostly importantly, kind and respectful conversations about giving and receiving critiques. If you disagree with someone, first be curious about the other person’s position to ensure you understand it. If you still disagree, disagree with the idea. Do not make personal attacks.

In particular, do not call out, complain about, or shame a fellow writer or an industry professional in your comments. So no names and no identifying clues, e.g., don’t write: this past weekend in Denver at the XYZ conference, the only male agent on the panel told me . . . .

Thank you in advance for honoring this code in your interactions with each other and with The Critique MD team. 

Please note that The Critique MD team reserves the right to edit or remove comments without notification. We are that serious about quality and kind engagement for all. 🙂 

Onward and wahooooo!


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