Line-Editing, Grammar-Pouncing, and Spell-Checking, Oh My!

A very common approach when we are giving critiques, especially when we only have a few pages to review, is to line-edit, or grammar-check, or even spell-check—homonyms, for example, are such pesky beasts. This focus on the nitty-gritty makes sense to me. When faced with a snippet of a larger work, and perhaps not even knowing where the writer is in the process of creating the novel, we critiquers do not have much big picture data to go on. So

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Let the Critique Learning Begin . . .

Welcome to The Critique MD. I’ve been waffling for weeks now, trying to get this website up. Logos, and developers, and blog templates, oh my! I finally decided to go with the barebones minimum to get started, figuring the content is what is important, and that I can upgrade the packaging as we go. So . . . critiques. An integral and inevitable part of the writing process, yet while there are seemingly endless classes on writing and writing techniques

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