Skills Breakdown, Part 1: Giving Critiques

It would be nice if everyone automatically knew how to critique well, but the reality is that just like writing, critiquing is an artform that takes skill and practice. Yet often critiquing skills get pushed to the side like a weird aunt at a family gathering. Like, okay, we’ll give her a little attention, but then let’s get back to the real business of writing. Now, let’s be clear, the real business is the writing. But here’s the problem: that

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Critiquing in the Time of Corona: The Habitat Has Changed

In dog training, one of the variables you pay attention to when progressing a skill is Habitat*, or environment. If you are training Sit, Fido may be able to perfectly execute a sit in the quiet of your own home, but if you even just add a bit of beef off to the side, it will likely increase latency (Fido will sit more slowly) or increase failure (Fido will dive for the beef, no sit to be had.) And, if

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