Skills Breakdown, Part 3: Critique Groups

The final aspect of the critique process we teach at The Critique MD is how to manage critique groups effectively. From a skills perspective, the most effective critique group leaders not only are deliver and receive critiques effectively, they also demonstrate an intuitive (or learned) ability of the following skills: Group Dynamics: Someone once said to me that critiques would be much easier if people weren’t involved. Maybe, but all the fun would be gone, too. No matter our foibles

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Let the Critique Learning Begin . . .

Welcome to The Critique MD. I’ve been waffling for weeks now, trying to get this website up. Logos, and developers, and blog templates, oh my! I finally decided to go with the barebones minimum to get started, figuring the content is what is important, and that I can upgrade the packaging as we go. So . . . critiques. An integral and inevitable part of the writing process, yet while there are seemingly endless classes on writing and writing techniques

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