About The Critique MD


The Critique MD’s mission is to build writers’ strengths, skills, and confidence in the critique process, emphasizing both the science and psychology of giving and receiving feedback.  

About The Team

Christine Carron, The Critique MD


Process improvement maven Christine Carron has helped individuals and teams function more effectively for over twenty-five years. Described as The Wolf meets Mary Poppins by her clients, Christine blended her love of writing with her expertise in personal and interpersonal productivity to create The Critique MD. To learn more about Christine’s corporate work, visit her LinkedIn profile.

Keiko the Wonder Dog, Director of Happiness

Keiko the Wonder Dog co-founded The Critique MD. Keiko manages daily walks and play breaks. She is all about being in the present moment and taking long naps whenever the mood hits. Her motto:

A sweet potato fry can fix any problem. Find your fry.

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